Social Media engagement vs Content generation

24 Oct 2011 Comments 2

The pros of Social Media are endless;


· It provides personal and immediate contact with your customers

· It gives a holistic brand representation and awesome reputation management

· The ability to target your audience is golden,

· It’s generally cheaper than traditional marketing relative to ROI and;

· Some Social Networks have more ‘fans’ then the 4th largest country in the world


Generating content to a degree is easy however, generating content suited to a broad market with one news feed is not easy. LISTENING is not always everyon'es forte and; if you’ve ever worked in retail or the restaurant business then you will know, managing different personalities can be demanding.


Your Social Media platform is not always a platform you control rather it is a shared social space that you can generate content on to your heart’s content however, if you don’t balance content generation with engagement aka follow, then lead you will “lose friends and alienate people” quickly.


Twitter, is a perfect example of a Social Media platform designed for engagement. Sure you can generate content and pump it out but how great is that fuzzy warm feeling you get when someone @mentions you or RT’s your content. We all feel it and as a brand on Twitter we have a responsibility to engage so that our followers get that warm fuzzy feeling too.


So from a business perspective and for the sake of this topic, Social Media Engagement vs Content Generation, as requested on Twitter by @leachgular  I would say you need both but skewed to engagement.


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  • Brent Coetzee

    I would even go as far as to say that a good marketer uses content generation hand in hand to drive engagement. A well planned piece of content will drive more engagement to your brand. They do compete in the motivation of a post, but if thought out correctly, can actually be a driving force when working together.

    October 25, 2011 at 08:26am - Comment
    • Jennifer Kling

      Great feedback, well written and I totally agree. Thank you.

      October 25, 2011 at 09:30am - Comment