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21 Feb 2012 Comments 0

In one of our latest Blog posts we spoke about 2012 Social Media predictions and one Social Network smash-hit that we're happy to see doing so well is, not Google+ but in fact the visual, highly female based social networking site, Pinterest. According to it has moved into the top ten most visited social networking sites of 2011 and still relies on invite-only.


The image-based platform is easy to use: Users create and name inspiration Boards anything they like (landscapes I'd love to visit, floral Dresses, chocolate recipes, etc.) and post relevant photos. Users follow one another based on interests and photos are displayed in a pin board style feed that is simple, yet visually awesome. And it's super easy to 'Like' or 'repin' resulting in sharing boards across multiple Pinterest networks.


At Chilli, we get excited when a new Social platform starts buzzing. And to be honest Pinterest is a network we'd gladly manage for our clients.

But how can our clients and brands use this platform for business? How can Pinterest be part of your marketing strategy?


Here are  are a few ways to get excited about Pinterest for business and to reach an already established and rising female audience and a new increasing male audience.

  • For visual and product based Brands  such as fashion, decor or food. Pinterest can easily showcase your seasons best buys. You can strategically create inspirational boards that introduce new product launches; new colour trends and syndicate your board  off your other social networks each month. If you've got a visual brand why not replace your wordy monthly newsletter with beautiful visual inspiration boards instead?


  • If you’re a service provider for instance, a Marketing company, Pinterest is the perfect tool to showcase your personality, display your portfolio and showcase the latest info-graphics in your field.


  • For companies with a Cause, Pinterest can illustrate pictures of you on the job, your team giving back or simply showoff a few smiles.


  • Competitions may be big on Facebook but now you can utilise both. Businesses can ask their fans to build a Pinterest board and send in their link for "best board" contests. Companies can make up their own boards and get fans to find the hidden logo etc.


  • Lastly, Pinterest makes one feel like a child again. So it's a great way to have some fun with your customers.

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