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02 Nov 2011 Comments 1


Hello Yousemble!


We had to write a blog about Yousemble because firstly, our website has been ‘yousembled’ and secondly, we love this tool. Whether you’re a small business, the man-on-the-street who wants to showcase a variety of hobbies/product or services or a massive corporate this build-your-own-website tool is honestly, for you.


Unlike all the USA website tools out there, Yousemble is proudly South African. The guys behind it provide a personal service and are literally a Skype or local phone call away if you have any problems, doubt it.

It is easy to use, provides advanced features, SEO optimized and is a saving grace to anyone starting a business or needing a website 'facelift'. Adding images to the gallery is a breeze and making them interactive is easy too.


At Chilli, we’re always researching stuff, trying to keep up with the rat race that is Social Media so when we come across something that works for us, we like to talk about it and talk about it a lot.


So welcome Yousemble, can’t wait to see more feature updates. For more information see their website Contact Yousemble at and to see a 'Yousembled' example, browse the rest of this website ;-)




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  • Andy

    Awesome! Many thanks ladies, your the best! :)

    November 02, 2011 at 19:14pm - Comment